Jan. 1996 :     CR Korea Established
Mar. 1997 :     Simulation technology for Semiconductor Package Development Cooperated with USA

Apr. 1998 :     Domestic sales of X-Ray Generator jointly with Syburg Inc.in Germany
Oct. 1998 :     X-ray Detector (Axis1000) for Semiconductor Development Completed
Nov. 1998 :     Businesses changed into Semiconductor and X-ray equipment manufacturer, trade, etc
Jan. 1999 :     X-ray Detector for Semiconductor Test developed and its prototype released
Mar. 1999 :     4-typed Patent filed for manufacturing anti-radioactive shielded box
Jun. 1999 :     AMFIS Co., Ltd. Incorporated and Company name changed
Jun. 1999 :     X-ray Detector (Axis2000) for Semiconductor Test Developed
Aug. 1999 :     X-ray Detector (Axis3000) for Investment casting Test
Sep. 1999 :     Marketing and Manufacturing Permission of The Ministry of Science Technology Obtained
Nov. 1999 :     The Commerce, Industry and Energy Minister' Award won

Feb. 2000 :     X-ray Detector for Cargo Inspection now being developed
May. 2000 :     Designated as Export-import small sized company by the Small and Medium Industry Promotion Corporation
Dec. 2000 :     3D X-ray Analyzer now being developed
Nov. 2000 :     Designated as "Best of Korea" Company by the Small and Medium Industry Promotion Corporation
Dec. 2000 :     Axis 2090L for Multi Layer P.C. Board developed
Jan. 2001 :     Axis 2130 TR for Tape & Reel Test developed
May. 2001 :     International agencies of 7 countries other than Singapore selected
Aug. 2001 :     ISO 9001:2000 Certificate acquired ( DNV ) From Norway
Aug. 2001 :     FDA processed
Dec. 2001 :     Venture business selected by KGSMBA
Nov. 2001 :     A Patent for X-Ray Irradiation Location was Acquired
Nov. 2001 :     AMFIS.Co. Ltd close Up on the Arirang TV

May. 2002 :     Enlargement & Movement of Company Building (Located in Geumcheon-gu, Seoul)
Jun. 2002 :     Changing the name of company to the "AMFIS/X-RAY Co., Ltd" (AMFIS/X-RAY)
July. 2002 :     Development of the SM3160 and completion of supply
Feb. 2002 :     Development of the AXIS3130 and completion of supply
Mar. 2003 :     Development of the SM1160NFA(Nano Focus) and completion of supply
May. 2003 :     Development of the AXIS090(PC Board) and completion of supply
Oct. 2003 :     Development of the AXIS 7160 and completion of supply
Dec. 2003 :     AMFIS.Co. Ltd close Up on the Arirang TV

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