Company History

ㆍ1996. 01 : CR Korea established.

ㆍ1997. 03 : Developed Semiconductor Package and Trial Experiment Technical
                      cooperation (USA)

ㆍ1998. 04 : Developed X-ray generator with Germany Syburg, and Sell in Domestic Market

ㆍ1998. 10 : The development of Semiconductor X-ray Inspection Equipment Model
                      AXIS-1000 completed

ㆍ1998. 11 : Type of Business Changed (Semiconductor, X-Ray Inspection
                      manufactureand Trade etc.)

ㆍ1999. 01 : Development of Semiconductor X-ray Equipment,announced test products

ㆍ1999. 06 : Changed the name of firm and conversed to a corporation

ㆍ1999. 09 : Obtained permission of manufacture and selling from the Ministry of

ㆍ1999. 11 : Awarded Minister Prize from Ministry of Commerce (New Technology
                      Industry fair and festival)

ㆍ2000. 02 :Developing Cargo Inspection X-ray Inspection Equipment

ㆍ2000. 05 :Designated as promisingSmall and Medium Enterprises in the field of Export
                      (Small and Medium Business Corporation)

ㆍ2000. 11 :Selected as "Best of korea" Business (Small and medium Business Corporation)

ㆍ2001. 05 :Finalized agents in Singapore and other 7 foreign countries

ㆍ2001. 08 :Certification of ISO 9001: 2000 (DNV) acquired

ㆍ2001. 09 :Finalized as Venture Enterprises
                      (Small and Medium Business Administration of Gyeong-Gi)

ㆍ2001. 11 :Arirang TV Company Closeup Broadcasted

ㆍ2002. 05 :Office Building moved and extended to Seoul, GeumCheon-Gu

ㆍ2002. 06 :Changed Name of Corporation to “AMFIS/X-RAY”

ㆍ2003. 11 :Arirang TV Company Closeup Broadcasted

ㆍ2004. 04 :Released X-ray Inspection Equipmentto KPCA Show 2004

ㆍ2004. 07 :Technical corperationmade with NOVA R&D (X-ray Inspection Device field)

ㆍ2004. 12 :Industrical CT-Device technical cooperationmade with Procon X-Ray

ㆍ2004. 12 :Technical Cooperation (NDT, medical, Ultrasonic waves field) made with Gilardoni

ㆍ2004. 12 :Technical cooperationmade with Orex

ㆍ2005. 01 :Customer support for Foreign-made equipment and accessory took effect

ㆍ2005. 04 :Security equipment Contract Established with Incheon International Airport Customs

ㆍ2005. 10 :X-Ray Scan Truck delivered to Security Office

ㆍ2005. 12 :Win an official commendation Mr. YB Chun of AMFIS X-RAY CO.,LTD
                      from the Director of a Customhouse

ㆍ2005. 12 :Technology discussion made with Thermo Electron’s explosive detector

ㆍ2006. 12 :Finalized as “Technology Innovation Company” (INNOBIZ)

ㆍ2006. 12 :Finalized as “Venture Enterprise” (Korea Technology Finanace Corporation)

ㆍ2008. 04 :Registered Membership to Korea Radiosotope Association

ㆍ2009. 12 :Designated as Innovation and Business (INNO-BIZ)
                      (Small and Medium Business Administration)

ㆍ2011. 11 :Re-registered membership to Korea International Trade Association

ㆍ2011. 12 :YB Chun received a Commendation of Minister Prize Award from
                      Ministry of Science, ICT and future planning

ㆍ2012. 12 : Research and Development Department established.

ㆍ2013. 01 :Accquired "Management and Innovative Type of Company"

ㆍ2013. 09 : Extension of company and moved Office to Yangpyeongdong-5Ga

ㆍ2014. 03 : Expansion to Radiation Research and Development Center

R&D History

ㆍ1998. 03 :First In-country development of Semiconductor X-ray Inspection Equipment

ㆍ1999. 01 :Development of Semiconductor X-Ray Inspection equipment, Prototype announced

ㆍ1999. 03 :Applied for a Patent of Radiation Shielding of the four sealed box
                     manufacture process

ㆍ1999. 06 :Development of AXIS 2000 X-ray Inspection Equipment for Inspecting
                     Semiconductor completed

ㆍ1999. 08 :Completed development of X-Ray Inspection Equipment of AXIS 3000

ㆍ2000. 12 :Development of AXIS 2090L for Multi Layers P.C. Board completed

ㆍ2001. 01 :Development of AXIS 2130L for Tape and Reel Inspection completed

ㆍ2002. 07 :Development of SM3160 completed

ㆍ2003. 02 :Developed AXIS 3130 and delivered.

ㆍ2003. 04 :Development of SM1160 Micro Focus Inspection equipment

ㆍ2003. 05 :Development of AXIS 090 PCB Inspection equipment complete

ㆍ2003. 10 :Development of AXIS 7160 Artifact Inspection equipment complete

ㆍ2005. 10 :Development of Industrial Inline Auto Wheel X-ray System Completed

ㆍ2006. 02 :Development of Back light Inspection Equipment

ㆍ2006. 03 :Development of Tape and Reel to Reel

ㆍ2006. 08 :Registered for a patent of Micro Focus Tube

ㆍ2007. 02 : Developed SM series CT Lamino technology

ㆍ2007. 04 :Developed AXIS series combo technology

ㆍ2008. 10 :Development of High Speed Inspection Equipment of SM Series

ㆍ2009. 01 :3D Type of Image of X-ray Imaging System

ㆍ2009. 06 :Supply Development of FAN BEAM CT

ㆍ2010. 03 :Development of SM Series Combo in three dimensions

ㆍ2011. 06 :Development of 300KV 5mA NDT Inspection device

ㆍ2012. 02 :Development of fuel rod of 300KV Inspection Device completed

ㆍ2013. 02 :Development of 090M Series of High speed X-ray Vision Inspection Equipment

ㆍ2013. 08 :Developed High Speed X-ray Vision Inspection Equipment for Smart Key for
                     Automotive Components

ㆍ2014. 01 :Acquired Certification of Cutting Edge Technology Products

ㆍ2014. 03 :Expansion to Radiation Research and Development Center

ㆍ2016. 02 :Developed SM-1160 X-Ray System for DCB

ㆍ2018. 03 :Developed AXIS-090 3D X-Ray System for Back Drill in MLB

ㆍ2019. 01 :Developed AXIS-1130 2D+3D X-Ray System for FPD

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