1. Quality Analyses of Semiconductors.
2. Quality Analyses of PCBA.
3. Quality Analyses of Precision Casting.
4. The introduction of new X-Ray inspection technology.
5. Export and import agency for X-Ray tube and equipment.
6. The engagement of repair and Upgrade for foreign equipment.

1. Software for X-Ray & Machine Vision Inspection.
2. 2D+3D X-ray In Line Inspection System.
3. High Speed X-Ray Inspection System.
4. Software (RT-380, RT-680, RT-780, RT-880)

1. X-ray Source.(20~90Kv, 130Kv, 160Kv, 225Kv).
2. Image Intensifier. (1.8"∼ 12")
3. X-ray Flat Pannel Detectors.
4. X-Ray Shielding Board.
5. X-ray Oper’ Software.

1. X-Ray System for Semiconductors and Electronic Parts.
2. X-Ray System for PCB, PCBA(S.M.T) and (AL) Die Casting.
3. X-Ray Wheel Auto & Vision Inspection System.
4. The Repair and Upgrade of foreign - made X-Ray Inspection Equipment.

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