Newly Developed Smart (SM) Series is MS-Windows-Based X-ray Inspection System.
It Provides a , High Magnification, High Speed, Real Time X-ray Inspection Capability, and Outstanding Image Editing and Storing Features. With Users' Convenience in Mind, This State of The Art Product is Designed to Easily Track the Defective Locations Via System Monitor and Auto Motion. This Technology Enables Users to Accurately Observe a Specific Area, Let Alone the Whole Image, Through Oblique Angle View without Moving the Test Sample by Adjusting Source Voltage, Electric Current, Video Gain, Off Set and Detectors Exposure. It is a Far Departure from the Conventional 2D+3D Inspection in which Users have to Perform a Test Through 6-axis Control of Test Sample. In Addition, This Advanced Product is Equipped with such Additional Functions as High Density Package Checking, Including Ball Grid Array, Flip Chip, μBGA and so on, Combination of Real Time Imaging and Automatic Location Tracking, and Image Zooming. After the X-ray Test, It Transmits High-Definition Image Data of Different Dimensions. USB, Network are also Available as Options. This New X-ray Vision System is able to Fulfill X-ray Inspection more Clearly than any Other X-ray Equipment Developed Ever Before.

  1. Printed Circuit Board Assembly (S.M.T)
  2. Semiconductor (Chip Lead Frame) Manufacturing
  3. Electronic Component (Lithium-ion battery)
  4. Automobile precision components (EMC Part)
  5. AL Die Casting Part (Airbag Inflation, Welds & Plastics)
  6. Micro CT Systems
  7. N.D.T(Cultural Asserts)

Auto Inspection Items
  1. Die Attached Voids
  2. Package Voids
  3. Under Fill Voids
  4. Interconnection Bump
  5. Solder Missing Balls, Open, Short and Void
  6. Solder Joint Quality
  7. Drill - Offset Measurements (Dimension)
  8. Auto Wire Sweep Calculation

  1. Smart system features an open & sealed X-ray Tube with high magnifying power/high definition and maintenance-free sealed power supply configuration. In addition, Image Intensifier that can move horizontally or circularly in 0 ~ 75° enables detailed 3D inspection of the inside of Multi Chip packages.
  2. Zoom function enables 4800X (Maximum) magnification.
  3. On Screen Mouse Control makes it easier for users to perform an inspection manually or automatically, taking advantage of the hardware built in Micro Computer.
  4. Users can select or demand the strength of penetrating power and the size of the equipment in accordance with the characteristics of the inspection scene and the test sample.
  5. Anyone can use RT 880 software after going through an about 2-hour-long education program. Currently, Korean language, English language and others language versions are available

Smart system is a low-cost solution that is used in process control and failure analysis, and gives the users the ability to carry out high quality inspection. In particular, it can be applied online to quality control and production process to check out various errors cased by the use of high density packages such as BGA, Flip Chip, μBGA and so on.
Its small size and subsequent high portability enables users to apply the product to diverse working environment. And, it is designed to provide optimum functions demanded by the customers in order to reduce the price.

As the company produces a variety of AMFIS X-Ray Tubes & System, it can support its customers with upgrading and ensure semi-permanent use of the system.

The company offers the optimum terms of use with service-first, payment-later policy to secure customer satisfaction in terms of warranty.

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