Ultra Test International ( MTS System)

 MultiTrace Systems are fully programmable, digital sampling curve tracers for high pin-count devices. The first step in semiconductor components failure analysis is electrical testing and the best tool for this job is still the curve tracer. When performed correctly, curve tracing is the fastest and least invasive method of confirming most electrical failures. In addition, curve tracing can often localize the cause of a a failure .  Unless you have flexible equipment, many different testers may be required to perform these procedures.

 MultiTrace Systems solve many of these problems by providing a highly flexible curve tracer with up to eight source and measurement units (SMUs) with six of these capable of sweeping from +15 volts to -15 volts and 1 Amp and two capable of supplying +100 volts to -100 volts and 100 mA. With the integrated automated switch matrix, up to six SMUs can be connected to any or all of up to 625 pins; custom fixturing allowing more than 2000 pins.  The SMUs can be programmed under software control to be in one of three source modes: DC Parametric Voltage Source Mode, DC Parametric Current Source Mode, or Curve Trace Source Mode.

  Auto Trace Multi Trace
Opens & Shorts Test X X
Un powered Curve Trace X X
Powered Curve Trace X X
Single Supply Measurement X X
Latch-up Testing   X
IDDQ Testing   X
Functional Pre-conditioning   X
IBIS I-V data collection & formatting X X

1. Automated test setups
2. Automatic Comparison to Known Good Device
3. Easy Fix Turing
4. Graphical Display
5. Data Extraction
6. Easy-to-use, menu-driven Windows software
7. Save data to file Report Generation. etc

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